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Wedding & EngagementPortraits

Bringing you imaginative memories of your engagement and the big day of your wedding

If you are a planning a wedding and want to have a memento to share from your engagement announcement along with beautiful and candid images from your day, then Joanna is here to curate the shots, take away the stress of guiding your guests and giving you the tools to feel confident in front of the camera.



Giving you lasting memories of your horses

My love of horses (and having my own) drove me to start out in this genre 6 years on and I'm still in love with photographing them!

So if you are looking for creative portraits with your perfect four legged partner then look no further.

Can't wait to meet you!

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Hey! Joanna here

As a creative director and photographer I specialise in portrait photography, curating those especial moments and with an eye for detail.


From brides through to equestrians, my portraits are created to empower women from all walks of life through creative portrait photography.

So if you are fun loving woman bride wanting beautiful images of your big day or an equestrian who wants to have some everlasting images of your horses then I have the creative diversity to bring your vision to life!

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