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If you would like a quote for something you have in mind please contact me and we can arrange a bespoke package 

How I Help You

My mission is to create timeless photographs with you and your horses. 


The aim is to give you the tools to feel confident in front of the camera and my goal is to make you feel comfortable, I know it can be scary when you have camera pointed at you! I promise you won't even know I'm there!!

All packages you will receive a bespoke service, whatever your needs. Full communication along the way so you know exactly what to expect. No stone is left unturned. I want you to be prepared as you possibly can be. 

Do you want timeless images that last beyond your horses life? Do you want to have a great day making memories? Do you want stunning pictures of you?

If  you say I want all of this then lets get started.....

red haired girl in a white dress with a horse in  a sunflower field
Joanna Fair horse photographer with a springer spaniel

Get To Know Me

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