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What experience do you want?

Equestrian women are strong, driven, caring and have a knack for finding uses for bailing twine.....but mostly we are generally covered in horse snot and grass slobber, mixed in with a bit of hay stuffed down our bras!

Do you ever get the chance to truly feel like a normal human being around your horses? I know I didn't, I would never turn up to the yard in "normal" clothes, it wasn't worth the risk...

 Booking your photo shoot is more than just standing in front of a photographer in a half decent pair of jeans, with shavings hang from your horses every orifice whilst having a camera shoved in your face. It's an adventure, a wholesome experience with your horse, a time to be just you and not a mother, wife, chauffeur, cook, cleaner, general pooper scooper and dogs body....

It is however, a perfect opportunity to JUST BE YOURSELF and who doesn't want to be that!! So with this in mind I have created two amazing experience packages for you. Let me tell you more.

The "Just Because" package Just because you want to have an amazing time, have fun and end up with beautiful images from the day with your horse/s and are happy and confident styling yourself.


The "Because I Can" package -  Because you can feel completely looked after and pampered, have nothing to worry about on the day and completely immerse yourself in the shoot with your horse/s.


So why not take a look from the links above and see which one you'd love to choose from. 

Either way I will take care of you each and every step of the way.

It's your time to shine, why not make it amazing!