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Can I ask you a question...?

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Can I ask you a question?

What’s your concern about having your photo taken or booking a shoot?

🔹 Are you worried about your weight?

🔸We all have our quibbles about how we look, by letting me help with your clothes and make suggestions you can wear something flattering that hides the bits you hate. I’m not just a photographer but a stylist as well 😃

🔹You are worried about the cost.

🔸If you are anything like me I always worry about spending money on things that aren’t a necessity, having a shoot is a big investment and not just something you buy on a whim (though some people do) it’s very personal and you may feel it’s a big outlay.

🔸There are always options for you

🔸You can just pay the deposit to start

🔸If it’s easier you can pay instalments

🔸Payment is due 10 days before your shoot, you’ll have at least three months to arrange your finances so don’t panic

🔸Get your husband/family to put towards it! Especially if you have a birthday before your shoot date

🔸Pay in full on the date of booking if that’s what you prefer!

🔹My horse won’t behave….he/she will be a complete numpty

🔸They all have their moments even the well behaved ones

🔸We take plenty of breaks

🔸I’ll always asses your horses mood and adjust the shoot according to them

🔸I will keep them moving if they are fidgety and not spend too long in one place

So there you have it, just a few things I get asked. If you have any other burning questions I’d love to know

Jo x

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