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So you've booked your shoot date....

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

So you have chosen your preferred time, date and location, once we have got you booked in I will get in contact with you to arrange a pre-photoshoot meeting a few weeks before, either via phone-call or zoom to get to know you a little better and talk through your ideas and answer any questions you have. You will receive your gorgeous welcome pack once you have paid the deposit and a you'll also get a little something for your horse to enjoy too!

On the Day

This is where we will both be very excited to get started, we will go and spend some time looking at some areas where I think will be perfect. Your shoot will be 2 hours but it's not set in stone so if needed it doesn't matter if we carry over a little.

Try to relax. Enjoy being with your horse and the rest will come naturally. I may ask you to move in certain places, your horse will always bring out your natural smile so don't feel like you have to force it. I always try and take candid photos so we get those special moments.

Bring treats with you (unless they are likely to mug you!)​ a few stud muffins and polos are always welcome.... It is also worth having a helper with you, its nice to have someone on hand.

There will be time for 2-3 clothes changes, the clothing guide will be in your welcome pack. You can also read my blog about what to wear.

I will always endeavour to make your experience as special as possible, it should be fun and memorable. Give yourself enough time on the day as well.....

What happens next

I will go home and upload all the photos from our time together they will added to your personal portfolio. We will arrange a viewing time so I can take you through your photos together.

You will have some time of which you can choose your favourite picture. This will be the one that is included in the package, of which you will receive a printed 16" portrait, framed beautifully in your choice of colour.

I offer a variety of beautiful extras of which I can walk you through as well.

If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to get in touch with me it's very easy either via my contact page, phone-call or text me if you prefer.

Jo x

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