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Adventures of Megatron

At the end of 2020, when we finally had the chance to get back out and about after COVID I had the pleasure of having Lauren & her beautiful mare Mega join me as my sponsored rider/influencer (and now friend).

When we did actually get to meet at her home in Bedfordshire in the March of 2021, Mega had just had her kissing spine surgery and was starting on her long road to recovery. We had a lovely morning together albeit a touch grey and drizzly, it was so nice to finally get to meet each other and start our journey together.

Since then we have had numerous shoots, giving Lauren some incredible images for her social media and a chance for me to get creative and add to my ever expanding portfolio. Always a ray of sunshine to brighten your day and an absolute pleasure to work with.

This year they have come back from rehab stronger than ever. Together they became Bedfordshire Prelim County Champions for 2022, won the British Dressage Petplan Equine Area Festivals Prelim Freestyle class, came 3rd at the British Riding Club national Champs, AND the next day the National Champs title. They also just came back from competing at the British Dressage Petplan Equine summer area festival champs and got placed in the top 5! I am so very proud of them both, Lauren has worked so hard to get Mega back to where she is now and I can't wait to see what happens next for them both.

Lauren has her very own You Tube channel so why not head over and give her a follow or give her a follow on Instagram

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