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The word that drives fear and dread even into the most seasoned of camera-ready women.

We are bombarded with images on Pinterest and Influencers on social media with these effortless poses, pouting lips and Diana esq fluttering eyes.

It’s all smoke and mirrors.

There I said it, it’s an illusion created by the creative directors or photographers to get the best out of their subjects all of whom are MODELS and do this for a living. It’s the way they can sell their art and their photography by using people who know how to create the shapes with their bodies and faces and know their best angles and which is their “best side”.

You and I, we aren’t these women.

We have our beautiful quirks and boobs and wobbly bits and things we love and things we hate and to be honest this is what makes us incredible.

I work with how I see you and your horse, how your body works best in particular situations. Because what may work for one person won’t for another.

It’s my job to guide you the best way that suits you and your horse. I’ll be the one leading the way and yes it will feel weird and scary but I can promise you this, you’ll feel empowered and bold, these models have nothing on you!!!

And don't worry even if your horse is a fidget bum I will adapt the poses accordingly.

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