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The Perfect Portrait

People and horses are my passion.

Creating bespoke portraits for horse owners that showcase the bond between horse and rider.

Confidence is the biggest fear that my clients have. And overcoming the fear of being in front of the camera holds too many people back. They make excuses like

❌ “I can’t afford it”

❌ “I don’t have time to organise anything”

❌ “I’m not confident in front of a camera”

❌ “I’ll book a shoot another day”

❌ “I don’t have anything to wear”

❌ “My horse misbehaves”

We all make excuses not to do something even if we have been thinking about it for the longest time. But once the time with your horse is up there is no going back, you will forever regret not booking that shoot

Here’s how i can help you...

✅AFFORDABILITY - I offer payment plans.

✅TIME – I take care of finding the locations, timings, and how your shoot will look and feel completely tailored to you.

✅CONFIDENCE - Being with your horse will be your confidence booster because you will be focused on them. I'll guide you through posing so no need to panic.

✅OUTFITS – I work with you to help select your outfits that will look and feel right for your shoot with mood boards and a style guide.


Because once you've done it you'll have incredible images that light you up everyday and have memories to cherish forever. A lasting legacy of your horse.

So why not book your no obligation discovery call over a zoom and a cuppa and let’s get planning! Or drop me a DM

Much Love

Jo xx

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