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You'd only ever hear this abbreviation in the supermarket'd never really think of getting a BOGOF horse....

Well you'd be very wrong.....!

In February 2015 my friend started a journey she wasn't expecting. She found her forever horse Vienna, a 16.3hh dark bay (practically black) mare who is beautiful and reminds me of the Lloyds Bank horse from the adverts!

We had great fun together as riding buddies, hacking round the yard estate, galloping up hills, group riding and happy hacks. She was becoming a tad podgy so my friend upped her exercise and managed her food. We even did Burghley fun ride together, she was an angel, she was a bit behind us most of the way and seemingly couldn't keep up with my chap, but we had a blast.

A couple of weeks later she had the vet out....her lovely girl was pregnant! Due any minute, no one had spotted it, why would there be any reason to think she was pregnant but it explained a lot!!!

Not long after, Vienna gave birth to a very healthy little girl named Autumn Serendipity who was a pale gold with a white blob on her face and three white socks. I even got to experience the birth one late September evening. Wow.

Autumn is now five and a half and as big as her mummy. My friend still has them both and is looking forward to her ridden journey with Autumn. Vienna is now partly retired but still loving life and her hacking.

What an amazing surprise she was and has certainly makes an impression on everyone who meets her :-)

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