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Choosing the right Outfit

Where do I start.....finding the perfect outfit even for everyday can be stressful, especially with with the random British weather, am I right?

However there is so much help up there if you look for it! Pinterest is a perfect example, I also use this to make pinboards/mood boards for clients to help them decide what to wear on their shoot. It's fantastic for picking up ideas and putting outfits together and finding colours to complement your horse as well.

Another example is It's a personalised shopping clothes company, you take their quiz and they find clothes based on your answers. This is especially good if you struggle to find clothes to suit you. My advice is anything that helps is always worth a try!

Neutral colours are always a good staple to start with. You can match anything to creams, browns and beige and are timeless. White is OK but in the bright summer months can be a bit glaring.

Add your favourite pair of jeans and boots, or a pretty flat shoe to complement.

Add accessories such as coloured scarves for a pop of colour.

You'd even go completely wild and pick a stunning dress as one of your outfits, or even your wedding dress! However you would need to desensitize your horse if it's big and ruffly.... trust me when I say some aren't keen...

Whatever you choose we will work together to find you the clothes you love and feel comfortable in, this is the fun part. What clothes would you choose? Why not take some time to find your favourite pieces for your future shoot.

Joanna x

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