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Every season is perfect

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

Whether it's a bright spring morning with the hawthorn in bloom and the blossom on the trees, to a hot summer day or late evening sunlight, to the last of the autumn sunshine light bouncing off the oranges and reds of the turning leaves there is always something that will make your photo shoot picturesque and completely unique.

Even a grey day can make for some great images, the clouds act as a giant soft box, diffusing the light getting rid of those harsh shadows that bright sunlight gives. This is my favourite light to work with, it makes everything soft and delicious and if your shoot is on a grey day don't despair, it makes me very excited as it gives me a lot more scope to work with.

Colours are muted and everything just looks more natural and softer, my style is light and airy so if you want me to be your photographer and have images like these then bring on those cloudy skies! They also add a touch of drama especially if rain is brewing and you get a smidgen of sunshine through.

Or how about those late summer evenings? Backlit shots create something special, and give a beautiful silhouette on the subject, highlighting hair and profiles. Just take a look at beautiful Sarah and her horse Flint who had their shoot one summer evening.

So if your looking for a winter photo shoot we don't need bright sunshine or a clear day to make you and your horse look amazing together.

We just need you, me and a little bit of magic!!

Jo xx

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