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Get Photoshoot Ready

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Before we start it is best that you let me know exactly what you want from the experience - examples of

my work that you like or even something you find on the internet? Within reason of course! I mainly concentrate on portraits either of just your horse or both of you. Have a look at my portfolio for some examples.

Once you have chosen your preferred time, date and location I will get in contact with you to arrange a

pre-photoshoot meeting either via phone call or zoom.

Before the shoot starts I will have a scout and pick some suitable spots at your chosen location with you. There are plenty of places we can do this - I have written a blog which will be coming soon about locations for some ideas to inspire you.

On the day I will spend some time getting to know you and your horse better and make our way to the

chosen locations, and try to make you relaxed as possible, it needn’t be scary so don't worry!

Bring a helper - even if it is just to keep you company and help you relax. It is always easier with an

extra pair of hands to either hold your horse or keep them occupied, make noises and generally be silly

to get that engagement.

Bring treats! Carrots, feed etc, noisy things! I will have some noises on my phone to help keep your horses attention for those ears forward shots we all want, unless your horse is a natural poser of course.

Relax and enjoy just being with your horse and the rest will come naturally. I may ask you to move in certain places and positions. Your horse will always bring out your natural smile so don't feel like you have to force it.

We will have time for 2-3 clothes changes. Check out the "What to wear" and the oh so important "What not to wear" blog.

If you are after a black background this is easy enough, we just need a stable doorway!

This should be fun so enjoy it, it’ll be over before you know it so love every minute!

Jo xx

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