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How much??!!

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

you yell before passing out from shock as you get your monthly livery bill with extras, the vet's fees and the farrier invoice you weren't looking forward to because your horse threw three shoes in a month........we've all been there.

How much was your farrier last month? £200 plus? More?? And what did you get out of it? Bugger all!! A horse that's no doubt going to do it again especially in this muddy fest we have had lately. Yikes!

However there are some months which aren't so bad....where you actually have some savings left to do with as you wish, though you had better be quick or else your pampered pony WILL find out you haven't spent it and yet again drag himself through the nearest fence and dig a hole in his face! Bang goes that treat for yourself.

We spend so much on our horses. When was the last time you actually treated yourself to anything special that included your horse as well as you which didn't include competing or trips out?

You may well tell yourself that a photo shoot is not on the list of your top priorities but I beg to differ. Yes they can be expensive, yes you will be emotionally attached to all the photos and yes you will want to sell a kidney to pay for it, but, this shouldn't stop you. Would you buy a new pair of boots for £400? Hell yes? Well what's stopping you......

We only have these beautiful animals in our lives for who knows how long. I was expecting my horse to be mine for a good 15 plus years into retirement but I had him 6 years and lost him suddenly. It happens all too quickly.

Be impulsive, do it now! I can't wait to take you on a journey you'll never forget

Jo xx

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