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Location, Location, Location

Where would your dream photoshoot be?

I always longed to ride my horse on the beach in a white flowing dress, bareback, with the wind blowing in my hair. The salty air, the pounding of hooves and sound of the waves rolling in. You can see it can't you, right?

Unfortunately we don't all have the luxury of having the time or transport to drive five hours to the beach, spend three hours shooting then driving home the same day, it's definitely on the wish list and always a must do if your on holiday with your horses and have access to a beach!

Your home or yard can still just as lovely. I bet you haven't really looked at it properly, those little places with a shady blossom tree, the line of fencing with the rickety gate, the thorny hedge which blooms in early April, or a craggy barn with the beautiful rustic red door, even just the entrance to your horses stable. It's amazing what you can see through a fresh set of eyes. We get a bit blind to things we see everyday.

Going to the woods is always a favourite to take beautiful photos. Spring for the flowers and tree blossom, summer for the evening light and fresh greens and Autumn for the glorious changing of the seasons leaves. There are plenty of local trails that allow horses, though it is always best to check beforehand of course. I will be compiling a list of local spots which is accessible to riders and has suitable parking.

There are a lot of textures we can add to your images, a rough brick wall, a barn door, peeling painted wooden barns! It makes for something a little different.

Or how about your hacking route? Is there a pretty field of flowers or rapeseed? Obviously we can't go trampling through it but using them for a backdrop gives a splash of colour and texture.

I love to be able to use different things to bring life to your portraits!

Jo x

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