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Images that reflect you

Horses are an integral part of our lives, only us as equestrians know their value as part of the family, talking to a "non horsey" person can sometimes be hard work, we have all been there! Trying to explain their importance. Having a horse is a lifestyle and a lifelong commitment.

So why not have a shoot with your whole family as well as yourself, sure you can have a selection of stunning images of just you and your horse, but why not include the family as well. I always give this as an option, I don't just photograph your horse but I photograph the love, respect, and bonds that connect you all. It always makes for an interesting shoot as well. Why not spend half an hour of your shoot including them too. Obviously it isn't compulsory!

My time with you is about creating a set of images that reflect you,

your horses and your life with them.

Joanna xx

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