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Learning is growth

Your never too old to learn.....mid June saw me heading down to see two fabulous ladies who have been guiding me for the last few months. On the way down I had a serious wardrobe malfunction....never wear a white linen shirt and buy a McDonalds's never a happy ending! As you can imagine making a good impression is high on my list so a brown stained shirt wasn't the best way to start a day. Luck would have it I had a hoodie on my back seat to change into, phew. After arriving on time in the middle of the New forest the large gates of Emily's house opened and I drove in to be greeted by her gorgeous red Lab Woody who's' had a growth spurt since I saw him in April.

Emily Hancock and Hannah Freeland, two of the most fabulous and fun people you could ever meet and two of the leading equine photographers in the UK. Both having worked with some of the biggest names in the equestrian industry including Olympic medallists and well known equine brands. We spent a fun filled two days, one of which we spent the afternoon with beautiful Maria and her superbly gorgeous and patient gelding. We sweltered on one of the hottest days of the year but came away with some beautiful images of Maria and her gelding (pictured here), though sadly we had to cut the time short due to the heat.

Being able to work with two highly accredited photographers is an honour and I take so much away from my time with them. To push myself further so I can produce images for my clients that blow them away. As an "artist" we are forever growing, changing and learning and having mentors and the help of other people in your industry is hugely important.

You'll also be pleased to know my white shirt came through the wash like nothing had happened!

Jo x

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