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Still Missing You

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Six years ago today I welcomed Jack, an 11 year old 16.3hh dark bay who changed my life for the better. 14 months ago I had to say the hardest goodbye. Who knew a simple horse would have such a big impact......

I made a whole new circle of friends who I now wouldn't be without, we did events and dressage. He tested my patience on more than one occasion. Dumping me on the floor jumping at least eight times on jumping week course at our yard!

Flying around West Wycombe, Halton, Blenheim and Burghley on a number of occasions. Bouncing the whole way round, he just loved it so much.

Hacking with friends, enjoying a leisurely stroll round the estate and a blast up gallop hill to end the hack and and amble back to the yard, both feeling like we had blown away thse sticky cobwebs and getting away from the troubles of everyday life.

Standing beautifully for the farrier and vet, coming in from the field like a true gent, loading in the trailer like an absolute pro - 'where are going today mum?!' Such trust.

Finding that perfect itchy spot and good groom, cuddles in the stables and goodnight soft kisses to end the day.

The perfect partner in crime.

I miss you Jack.

Thank you for those precious memories

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