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The Last Goodbye

Saying the final farewell is truly one of the hardest things to do to your beloved horses. This year I have had too many friends and clients lose their best friends, some untimely and some due to old age or worse having to make a decision to let them go due to not being able to make them better.

Sam had to make the heart-breaking decision to soon for her boy Woody, she called me in tears last minute, her boy had only a few days left with her. We spent an hour together capturing, their bond. It's always such an emotional time, happy but tinged with a sadness you can't explain unless you have been through it.

Last week another email came to me from a lovely lady who's beautiful mare had a day left with her. So on my way up to Grantham for the Veteran Champs I diverted over to Cambridge to take some lasting memories of her. Maddie was a stunning chestnut who's coat changed colour in the sun like it was pearlescent, with a sweet nature. It fills my heart with sadness to meet these incredible horses and owners just the once.

It may be hugely sad but I am completely honoured that I could be a part of these horses final journey and give their owners ever lasting images forever more.

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