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What not to wear.....clothes to avoid and other tips

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Bright lurid colours and patterns are not the way forward.

Pick ones that are neutral tones, muted and natural, timeless pieces which won’t age. Don’t forget your

photos will be hanging on your walls for years to come.

Avoid bulky clothing - they can be very unflattering, no stripes or patterns,black or white tops and avoid logos unless you have a sponsorship and want to include them in your shoot.

There will be moments I will ask you sit on the floor, sit on a fence or kneel down I will always make sure there are no wardrobe malfunctions.

Bring some extra clothing to cover up your nice ones - e.g over trousers a hoodie - rain coat/warm jumper etc. Don’t forget to bring your make-up bag and hairbrush for touch ups.

Also nails!!! Your hands will be on show and if you have scraggy nails they WILL show up in your photos

Get yourself an manicure or tidy them up before hand and make sure they are clean.

Now you are all set! See you soon

Jo xx

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