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It's all about you..

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Commissioning me to create some truly wonderful memories is simple. This time is all about you and your horse, so I want to make it special, a day where you can let your imagination go and we can work together to produce photographs you can be proud of.

We can come up with some ideas - what you'd like to wear, any particular shots of your horse you would especially like and where you want to have these photos taken. Either at home, your yard, the beach, the woods or a particular special place to you.

Including your family members is also a wonderful idea - especially your partner and children and even the family pets.

This is all about you and it is your day to shine. After all these photographs will be a part of your family home for a long time.

If you'd like some further information have a look at my "So you've booked your shoot" blog or please pop me an email for prices and availability.

Jo x

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