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When I met Claire and Woody

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Starting out my equine photography journey I was lucky enough to be in the position to have my own horse and have amazing friends and horses to be my models, happy to have their photo taken with their beautiful four legged equine partners.

After a morning of riding one sunny summers day I dragged my friends and horses out for a wander round the gorgeous lanes and woodlands round our yard estate. Capturing the bond between them. Claire and Woody were naturals and they had such a special connection with each other.

We got some gorgeous shots. It is so crucial you have friends who will be there for you to help progress in your love for what you do.

After a hard decision Claire sold Woody to a young lad at the yard who loves him just as much as she does. She will forever have the images to remember our afternoon together with her beloved Woody Woods.

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