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When I met Helen & Molly

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

One autumn day Helen and Molly strutted their stuff down the lane that runs alongside their yard. The leaves were glowing, Molly was on form and Helen was more than happy to chat to me about Molly and their life together.

We scheduled her shoot for a cool Monday morning with a touch of sunshine glinting through the trees.

Helen bought her beautiful mare three days after Christmas in 1996, she was 7 months old. They spent their time going to shows until being backed when she was a rising four year old.

When Molly was nearly six she had a potential life shortening injury resulting in surgery and a cast on her front leg for a month.

Molly obviously made a full recovery and they went on to do dressage at medium level, county level showing, members riding club dressage and team eventing and hours upon hours of hacking together and the obligatory sponsored rides!

Molly is now 25 and has retired from jumping and doing cross country but still attends pole clinics, dressage for a bit of fun and plenty of hacks. She is as sprightly as a 10 year old and has the personality to match!

They are both such a wonderful match and have an amazing partnership. I look forward to photographing them again in the future maybe for her 30th birthday!!

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