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When I met Jackie, Tiger & Dez

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Going back to 2018, before any signs at all of COVID and social restrictions I had a lovely hour with my friend and previous riding instructor Jackie.

Jackie had two gorgeous thoroughbreds in her life, one being a flea-bitten grey named Tiger, an ex race horse who was particularly grumpy in his stable and prone to take a finger or two if you dared walk past and say hello!

Derek (or Dez as we all know him) was the complete opposite. Jackie bought him after Tiger retired due to age and health and she bought him to be her new ridden partner.

I met them at my old yard for an hours catch up and a chance to get her some images as she was currently pregnant with her daughter at the time.

The boys were both impeccably behaved given being both together standing about for their photos.

Sadly Tiger went over the rainbow bridge last year but Jackie has some wonderful memories from our shoot to look back.

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