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When I was young....

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

How did you decide what you wanted to do when you grew up?⁠

I'm not sure I have to be honest (grown up that is)!⁠

At middle school I wanted to be a teacher, I loved reading to the younger children and helping them. At secondary school I was more interested in boys than learning.....ahmm 🙈⁠

When I had finished my GCSE's I had on my list, working with horses...obvs, working in Catering, becoming a teacher or going into Journalism as I love writing and have always been good at it.⁠

By the time I had finished the summer holidays and got my results my Mother got fed up with me and enrolled me to college to study Nursery Nursing and my work in Nannying and schools went on from there for nearly 15 years.⁠

In 2009 I started running my husbands motorcycle business and I learnt a lot over the 10 years there which I took into my own business.

Now I have the best of all those worlds, working with children and families, horses, blogging and writing for my website and teaching my clients lots of new skills in front of the camera! Who could ask for more 😁⁠

Jo x

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