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Who Inspires Me

That's a big question, if you had asked me that six months I would have given you a blank look.

I have learned a great deal about myself and who I look up to and influences me with my work.

There is nothing wrong with aspiring to be like someone as long as you add your own stamp on it and make it your own, rather than be a copycat and being a bad one at that!

My two favourite artists/photographers are EJ Lazenby and Lisa Mardell (Equus Photography)

fine art horse portrait

Elizabeth Lazenby has taught me so much with her tutorials and editing - she has a wonderful eye for creativity which has really inspired me to improve my own work and think outside the box.

I spent a wonderful day with Lisa a few months ago, she taught me a huge amount in such a short time and has given me the tools to create some beautiful works in studio lighting and private portraits.

studio lit horse

Both have excelled in their areas. Getting recognition for your work is the greatest compliment.

I adore creating fine art work and I look forward to being able to give someone something stunning to keep forever.

Jo xx

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