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Whoops moments

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Have you ever wondered what happens on a shoot.....

Those silly moments our horses have, normally that causes great embarrassment or merriment, none the less it makes for a great story of the day. The silly faces, being trodden on, spooking, spinning, you get the idea!

These are generally my favourite images and normally the clients ones as well, it shows their horses personality. Not usually the ones you'd have on the wall, but ones to share on social media and to have on your computer to make you chuckle every time you see it.

I have just a few examples of the silliness that can ensue on your dream goes....

example A

A pony that won't co-operate.....or decides that they've had enough and pushes you into the sheep poo instead much to the amusement of the others! What me...I wouldn't do such a thing.

example B

Your horse having a tantrum as he doesn't want to stand still for more then a second and would much rather stomp his feet in a dramatic fashion in protest and then make himself into a stunt horse instead...look at me!!!

example c

Or the most random...and this time it's not the horse but rather a couple of friendly piggy's who decided they would much rather photo bomb the shoot and follow the entire time just to see what you are up to. Hey, there may be treats! Who doesn't love a gate-crashing pig eh...

and last but not least examples d, e & f...

The "Trying to get the clients horses head over the door" to get that shot everyone loves.

Who knew a tin could be sooo much fun, ah Merlin did

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