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Why a yard day is a great idea!

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Two reasons.....

Lots of fun!

Amazing images!

Time spent with your horse, well that's three but who's counting....

Friends and horses who could ask for more. It also takes some of the pressure off if you don't feel you are ready for having a private shoot completely on your own, if your nervous having someone there you know can give you a boost of confidence, it also helps spread the cost and gives you an insight into what I can do for you.

We don't have to do it at your yard, if you have a few friends dotted around at different yards, why not travel together somewhere lovely like the woods or even the beach!! Make a day of it, take a picnic and some drinks and lets have some fun.

If you you'd love to know more have a look at my Yard page.

Can't wait to meet you

Jo x

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