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Why am I more expensive than some equine photographers?

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

You have probably landed on my prices page on my website and had a good nosey through it, that's what it is there for. A guide to what I charge and what you get for your money. Like me we are all guided my price, but with prices comes a level of service. Now I’m not saying that other photographers aren’t great at what they do if they charge less, I know some fantastic ones of whose work I love! There has to be a price point for everyone out there.

Would you buy a £40 pair of riding boots for dressage or jumping, that aren't that comfortable, you know in 10-12 months they will end up being stood on or covered in mud and they will end up being worn just for schooling? If you are then that’s ok, I’m probably not the photographer for you. And that’s fine I’m not judging! I have a pair like that somewhere in the depths of the shed.

I’d say as a rule of thumb most people I know will probably spend between £300-£500 for a pair of quality made boots that will be looked after and will do you for a lot of years. That come in a beautiful box which you still keep them in to keep them clean and know if anything goes wrong you have the customer service to want to make you one happy customer.

Well that's how I want you feel when you buy my services and order my products. Like someone has presented you with a beautiful box of loveliness wrapped up in tissue paper. I take a lot of pride, time and thought which go into every client and every shoot, the welcome pack, the framed print included in my fee, the special way you view your photo shoot and the delivery of your precious images however you may choose to have them.

Being the photographer who goes the extra mile, has high quality products, puts in all the love I have, for the knowledge and creativeness, this is why I charge what I do.

Jo xx

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