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Licentiateship Qualification in Equine Portraiture - LBIPP

Setting goals is a huge part of who I am as a person, if I didn't set them I would just end up plodding on never achieving anything.

In June 2021 I finally got round to paying for my BIPP membership, meaning I could start planning on putting in for a qualification with the institute. I had 4 months to prep for the day which was to be in October.

Me being me I gave myself no time to prepare and I had two weeks to decide which images I wanted to submit. Fortunately for me I was given a bit of leeway as they put the date forward to November which gave me a few weeks breathing space!

There are three levels of qualification , Licentiateship, Associateship and Fellowship (this being the highest order of qualification). As I was new to this I put in for my Licentiateship, I had the choice of submitting my panel of images online and having them judged like this, well, I didn't want to just do it this way so having a choice of printing my images and heading up to Preston to be judged in person was obviously the least scary way to do it!!

With the chosen 20 images printed, mounted and packed away safely, my introductory speech written on the train up to Preston with my husband, a comprehensive booklet of my business journey along with client booklets and workflow, I arrived smartly dressed to the Artistry House for my time slot of 4pm, being a little early we settled down to a cup of tea, a chance to meet the judges and let the nerves well and truly set in. I was petrified, not about showing my work but for reading out the speech!!

Just before we headed upstairs to set of my prints, then I was sent back down again for the judges to begin the deliberation. The hard part was over for now!! I could have done with a stiff drink at this point but had to do with another cup of strong tea.....

The judging was to go on for around 50 minutes, so when I was called back upstairs after 20 minutes well you can imagine what I was feeling. Heart thumping I followed Martin upstairs. I set myself next to my panel of work and took a deep breath. I got a round of applause and a congratulations on achieving my qualification!!!!

To tell you I was over the moon was an understatement, the feedback from the judges couldn't have been anymore praising and being told I had a great future ahead of me in equine portraiture was just the icing on the cake.

I left there with a new vigour and creative excitement for what I want to go forth with in 2022, along with my certificate and qualification card.

My next challenge is to step up my photography for next year, smash out a set of images that will knock what I have achieved this year into oblivion. I am so very excited on what is to come and I can't wait to take you on that journey with me, I may even need your help.......

Thank you to my model calls and clients who without you I wouldn't have had so many amazing images to choose from. Below is my 20 image panel.

Jo xx

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