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So what should you wear on your shoot....?

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

The big questions, what am I going to wear? Don't let it get stressful, pick your favourite country gear, going out clothes, anything you feel is smart and you love to be in. could wear something like a smart pair of jeans, a nice shirt and some accessories, hat, coat,beautiful scarf, lovely pair of boots if its the winter. Or you could pick your favourite dress, maybe even your wedding dress!! Think about what locations you will be in, imagine clothes that would suit it.

You could try matching the colours to your horse or that would compliment them?

Make sure you do your hair and make-up (if you wear any) even if you don’t often a bit of mascara and blusher will lift your eyes and brighten your face. Even better you could pay a bit extra and treat yourself to a make-over

Pretend your going on a date....a date with your horse :-) gents, you could wear a smart pair of trousers deck shoes and a nice crisp shirt. You should feel comfortable in your clothes and they should also reflect your personality.

Make sure your horses/ponies are tip top clean and shiny too, there is nothing worse than having to edit out poo stains - especially on a grey!

We can also go through some of your top picks via zoom if your really unsure about your outfit choices.

Jo xx

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