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The Nervous/Fidgety Horse

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Fidget Bums!⁠

Not all horses can stand still for more than 2 minutes, some can do it all day long.⁠

It also depends on their mood on the day, I will always gauge how you and your horse are feeling and interacting together.⁠

My top tips if you are worried about your horse being on their toes during your shoot.⁠

✔️ Don't change their routine, if you ride and feed first thing then do this. If they stay out at night make sure you bring them in as normal. Keeping them settled is the most important thing on the day.⁠

✔️ I'll keep your horse moving by doing walking shots away from and to me with a few stops in between.⁠

✔️ Changing the location quickly and smoothly⁠

✔️ Taking short frequent breaks so they don't switch off⁠

✔️ Not spending too long on the same pose ⁠

All horses have their funny quirks and it normally make for an interesting shoot, so please don't stress that your horse can be a dummy, they all can be, it's just how we manage their personalities that is the key.

Joanna x

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